Bishop Leslie R. Marston
Book Prize

About the Book Prize

The Marston Memorial Historical Center (MMHC), through the agency of the Committee on Free Methodist History and Archives (CFMHA) has been authorized to award a book prize in honor of Free Methodist historian and bishop Leslie R. Marston. The purpose is to identify and publicize books that significantly help readers understand the history and mission of the Free Methodist Church. This can include books grounded in that heritage that are addressing important issues today.


The prize will be awarded to the published book judged to be the most significant publication over the last two years in terms of contribution it makes to understanding Free Methodist origins, history and mission. The author(s) of the book need not be Free Methodist. Unpublished dissertation or theses are not eligible for consideration for the prize. Recommended books may at times be in languages other than English if the MMHC considers it appropriate. The criteria are intentionally fairly broad and general. Persons recommending a book should collaborate with the publisher to have five copies of the volume sent to the committee. The MMHC will consider all books recommended and the CFMHA will make the final choice.

The timeframe for receiving recommendations each year is January through August 1. Recommendations can be made by letter to Marston Historical Center, PO Box 51710, Indianapolis, IN 46251 or by email to with the required five copies of the recommended book to follow.

2022 Recipient

Lived Missiology: The Legacy of Ernest and Phebe Ward by Shivraj K. Mahendra (London, KY: Fishers for Christ, 2021)

2021 Recipient

Old School or New School Methodism? The Fragmentation of a Theological Tradition by Dr. Kevin M. Watson (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2019)