Missionary Films


A life of drunkenness begins when Ziuko was young and ends in a tragedy, when his near-murder of Cheleni sends him fleeing to the gold mines in South Africa to begin a new life. Ziuko is the fascinating true story of a Free Methodist pastor in Mozambique.  It is a story of forgiveness and compassion as Ziuko and Cheleni are reconciled.  The film captures activities at the Evangelists’ School, Free Methodist missions in action on the mine compounds, and the struggles and triumphs of an African pastor serving his own people.  Filmed by Victor Macy Time 40 min.  Filmed by Victor Macy in Portuguese East and South Africa. In color and with sound. Time: 38:01.

Playtime in Africa

This film is a lively look at children’s fun and games in South Africa, Rhodesia and Mozambique. The film also features missionary children at play. Filmed by Henry Smidderks in Africa. In color and without sound. Time: 16:28.

Beauty for Ashes

Part I (Time 28:27)

Part II (Time 29:53)

The true life story of African nurse Julia. The film depicts the customs and culture in an African village. It also depicts the amazing transformation brought about in Julia’s life and of those converted through her witness to the power of the Gospel of Christ. Filmed by Victor Macy. In color and with sound.